Hi I'm John 

So where do you start when you get asked to write a bit about yourself and what you do... well at the start seems to be the easiest part ... I have always been an angler from a young age and did it through what my dad used to call the apprentice system. I started on small silvers and on canals and rivers etc watching small floats dip under and learning to discorge fish properly and generally having a good time with my dad .

Fast forward the years and I was carp fishing with my dad listening to stories of his time on the darrenth waters with the peet brothers etc.

Then another jump forward found me working in the industry as a cameraman and consultant for many brands along with running my own websites and small businesses in the for me fishing has become work play and more. I find myself in a great position with what I do and feel blessed weekly as I get to play around with fishing stuff and get paid for it... now I find myself working for some incredible brands and loving every minute of it. From Avid carp to future carping to my own small bait brand CR Baits my life is fishing and yet I never tire of it. So if you have anything you want to talk about regards videography, basic photography, fishing or general tomfoolery feel free .

I look forward to contributing here and sharing some of my adventures in the angling trade. 


Flew Dog Video Blog - St Johns - Lineair Fisheries  

Flew Dog Video Blog - Farriers Lake

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