About Us

We are real people ...... Promise.

We understand that purchasing a bait boat is expensive, that is why 9 times out of 10 you will be able to contact us out of ours via email with a response. And believe it or not when we are not selling Bait Boats you will find us spread out on our local lakes trying to land a couple of lumps our selves.

Aftersales & Service.

Our bait boats really are an eye catcher and are perfect for getting to those hard to reach spots that you just can not get a rod to. We are fully aware that the only way we will become a leading name in the industry is by making sure that our after sale is on point and that are customers are treated fairly and with respect. We have set contingencies in place to make sure that buying, receiving and servicing your boat is all done in the UK.

More about the people behind Future Carping

Hi there fellow anglers, my name is Steven. I would give you my sir name but its just to long. I love carp fishing and really got into the sport around 5 years ago after spending most of my time targeting smaller fish like your Bream, Roach, Chubb, Perch and many more. But one day my float went and a had what I thought was an absolute monster of a fish (pretty much like moby dick) on the end of the line. After playing the fish for about 10 minutes on my lite tackle I landed it, and it was a beautiful little Mirror Carp weighing in at around 8lb. Well as you can imagine I was hooked and asked a good friend of mine if he would take me carp fishing and now the rest is history. I have a beautiful small family that consists of my fiancé and my little daughter who one day will become a championship angler, she doesn't know it yet as she is only 3. You will probably find me advertising through the popular carp pages on facebook battling through the abuse and comments from people (only joking I don't get abused) if you see me on there come and say hi.

On a serious note, note saying the above is not serious, any questions just ask we are always happy to help.

About the Bait Boats

So let's talk about the bait boats. Our aim is to provide a variety of Bait Boats that are affordable and practical. We have a range of Bait Boats in at the moment from basic versions all the way through to Bait Boats with GPS and Fish Finders. When we decide to stock a Bait Boat we make sure they are at least used for 6 months constantly and tested vigorously before going on sale.