Carl Gee and Northwestern fishing the Youtube channel.

Now not many people have heard of Carl in fishing and rightly so.

Carl was formerly a rod builder and a fishing rod designer at Northwestern Blanks in Lancashire.

Hence where the Name of the channel came from Northwestern Fishing


Over the years, he has been linked with many tackle companies from small independent tackle companies to much larger brands helping with ideas, Marketing and many other  promotional ideas before the Digital age started to evolve the fishing industry.

Part of understanding the new chapter in fishing was to become absorbed in the digital platform of Youtube.


Just after 2017 the project started in earnest and the ride has been very interesting.


Straight from the get go Carl realised that the general public was the main thing and the tackle industry was not involved in the project. 

So what makes Carl Tick now? It’s not big fish or Sponsorship but the enjoyment and the fact that he can now create content as required without spreadsheets or treatments.


Just this years he has had many carp over 30lb including carp at 40, 50 and 60lb


That is pretty impressive considering he doesn't usually put big carp in his Vlogs because it's information which people crave over fish. This favourite rig is the humble Hair rig and the Ronnie rig. He doesn't really have a favourite venue but that will change next year as he will be doing videos for anglinglines ( holidays around Europe.

When you ask him about personal best fish, he will tell you all the Carp matter and size is not important.

Regarding bait Carl has developed his own bait to help fund the channel and this was a result of spending many years as a bait consultant with various companies big and small.


Now Redfish, Broca and Amino Crab are his babies and are doing very well and is the only bait he now uses


Recently he decided to buy a new boat after his recent trip to France resulted in this old bait boat meeting its end on the lake after many years of service.

Lucky he noticed ours and the rest is history and he also documented it in with a Vlog on Youtube Here


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