Is Using A Bait Boat Cheating ?

Is Using A Bait Boat Cheating ?

Is using a Bait Boat Cheating?


There is an ongoing debate regarding using Bait Boats and if using a bait boat takes out the Skill and technique in fishing. As a member of several forums on Facebook that all shed light on tips and tricks and other anglers’ opinions we recently asked two Questions.

The Two Questions Asked were as followed.

  • Can anyone Shed some light on when using a Bait Boat has this resulted in catching your PB?
  • Is using a Bait Boat Cheating

We think that going out to People in the Forums associated with Carp Fishing is key, as you have anglers from all skills who are able to offer hands on personal experience when it comes to angling. Some have been fishing for months and some having been fishing for years and have all adopted their own take when it comes to setting up on the bank. These Forums offer new anglers to seek advice and 9 times out of 10 (for example this blog post) due to sheer passion and love of the sport like minded passionate anglers are willing to help and it is honest help.

We have digressed but we felt the need to mention the willing individuals who were able to contribute and make this post.

There is mixed feeling regarding the two questions and the question that got the most attention seemed to be “is using a Bait Boat Cheating”. A lot of anglers mentioned the evolution of fishing and that is also using a Bite Alarm Cheating? Which you some what must agree the way we fish is changing, Fish are becoming more pressured and getting to those hard to reach spots that you wouldn’t be able to cast to is ever so much sought after.

But then this leads us onto another comment that was brought to our attention “Using a Bait Boat takes the skill out of the sport, Casting Accurately and feeling the lead down is a skill”. Once again, I must agree.

One Gentleman Steven Tullett from the Future Carping Facebook Page said “I Caught my PB Mirror Carp of 26lb 10oz using a bait boat. I towed my rig out to an island with 1kg of pellets out to an island. I don’t think I cheated using the bait boat, I just used an effective tool to achieve my goal”


Sharnie Keen Says “I agree, I don’t see it as cheating. Technology has advanced, so why not use it? Although the only disadvantage is to the people who haven’t got the spare cash to buy on.  To turn it around a little bit, would it still be cheating if you used the boat to find spots with a fish finder/underwater camera but then cast to the spot”

Our conclusion is that there is a spot for Bait Boats  but then there is a time for not using a bait boat. 

We would also like to apologise to a lot of the people who took their time to comment on one of the forums. Unfortunately the post was taken down and I couldn't  copy your debate answers. 










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