France Competition


Since the Launch of the CL4 bait Boat in November we have tremendous feedback and a lot of support and we really do appreciate it with our 107th Bait Boat sold on the weekend.

That is why we want to give back and are offering a chance for anyone who has purchased a Bait Boat Between November 2019 and November 31st 2020 will be put in a prize draw. (Please note this is for Future Carping Customers not Gowi)

-The winner will receive the opportunity for themself and three angler friends for a lake exclusive in France for 2021

-This will be a drive and survive event and will only include the lake fees. All border passes etc will be at the winners cost.

-The prize cannot be exchanged for cash or any other items.

- There is a £200 deposit payable to the lake and will be returned after just to cover damages to the log cabin that has a kitchen etc in. (This is refundable so if you win don't go smashing things up)

- Dates will be negotiated with the prize winner and will be at a lake of our choice (We are actually fishing this lake in July 2020)

- The prize is for the winner and 3 of his or hers angling buddies to attend only (Can go on your own if you want)

- You would have to provide your own equipment, transport, Bait, food etc.

It would be easy to give Boats Away etc so we just wanted to give something where maybe you and your pals can enjoy a week away.