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RYH 001 BY Future Carping

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Amazing Bait Boat packed full of features, the RYH 001 Bait Boat is well and truly a well thought Bait Boat that offers everything you need when trying to reach this hard to reach spots. 

Save u to 31 spots on GPs as well as Auto Pilot and a fail safe function allowing the boat to automatically come home if loosing signal with the handset. Planning your spots for pre baiting or nailing your PB has never been easier when setting your GPS Points. 

The Range on these boats are phenomenal with 900 meters distance ( not that you will go that far) but feel confident when it comes to sending your boat at distance and track how far you are going as this is all indicated on the remote. 

The echo-sounder runs parallel while controlling the boat on the display. The fish sizes are displayed here in small, medium and large. The measurement range and sensitivity of the depth measurement is divided into four areas: 0-5 meters, 5-15 meters, 15-20 meters and 20-30 meters.

  • Radio transmission between boat and remote control runs at 2.4 GHZ frequency
  • 31 GPS Spots on water.
  • The boat performs a self-diagnostic at startup to prevent sources of error. Here it checks the functions of the remote control, compass, GPS and sounder.
  • In case of failure of the remote control or connection, the boat automatically returns to the shore location previously set by the user.
  • Distance meter between shore and GPS spots is displayed
  • When the boat has independently reached the GPS spot on the water, it is visually displayed on the boat and acoustically on the remote control.
  • The longitude and latitude are displayed for the stored GPS spots. The current longitude and latitude are also displayed while driving.
  • The received GPS satellite number is displayed
  • Fish sizes are divided into small, medium and large and displayed
  • The measuring range of the depths is divided into four areas: 0-5 meters, 5-15 meters, 15-20 meters and 20-30 meters
  • Fish detection sensitivity can be set in 3 levels
  • Boat antenna


  • 4 KG feed capacity
  • 900 meters range
  • L=635 mm B=435 mm H=240 mm
  • Built-in GPS chip
  • Automatic driving / autopilot
  • Built-in echo sounder with Fish finder to 32m water depth
  • Electronic compass
  • temperature display
  • Patented magnetic control system for the feed hatches
  • Separately controllable feed hatches
  • Patented release couplings for hook-mounting
  • Removable herb protection for more power for the engines
  • Easy rides over water lilies and herb banks
  • Strong lighting system for the best view at night
  • Use of the fail-free system in the event of signal cancellation / return to shore
  • Stable position in the water by streamlined construction
  • Battery life at maximum speed 2- 3 hours Standard battery and up to 6 hours with lithium ion batteries.
  • impact protection